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  • Wow! I've had inspections before but never one like this-SM 
  • Paul you are simply the best-BH appraiser

  • Paul,

    Thank you for the clarification. You did a great job with the home inspection. I also appreciate your patience in explaining issues to me that I was just not picking up. Should I need another inspection, I will call you!

    Thanks again,



  • Hey Paul, thanks again for your thorough attention to detail and sending the inspection report over so quickly.

    Both Mary and myself were very impressed with your attention to detail and professionalism. We will certainly give you as many referrals as we can.

  • Todd


  • Thank you, Paul! We appreciate your thorough inspection. It was nice meeting you yesterday!!




  • Paul,

    First off, thank you for the thoroughness of your inspection. I was very happy with the results. If there's any service that inspectors use that you would like to have a recommendation on, please let me know what it is and I'll be happy to do it. I'll also make sure I keep your number handy for when I need services in the future.  

  • Rick

  •  Thank you very much, Paul,

  • We appreciate your thoroughness, commitment and quality professional services as we find our new home.



  • Paul:

    Now that we have had the opportunity to review your report more in depth, I want to thank and compliment you again on the detail and thoroughness plus all the  photos to show exactly what you found.  Promptness in providing report was also amazing!  I saw the seller yesterday, and she commented on how nice you were.  The fantastic job you did has been an eye opener and a tremendous help to us.  We really appreciate it.

  • Best wishes for the holidays, Larry


  •  Thank you very much!  You were worth every penny J

Thank you for the quality inspection – you lived up to your reputation! J  I’m a single gal, so have to think through your list. 


  • Paul, Thank you for performing a very thorough inspection. Your commitment to take as long as necessary to inspect every system in the home – roofing, electrical, plumbing, hvac, and general construction is much appreciated. I am grateful I decided to contact you for my home inspection. FYI, I chose you because of your commitment to the home inspection profession as evidenced by your continuing education and your service, leadership positions to the local and state ASHI chapters. For any professional the years of experience are only as valuable as the commitment to continuous learning and a commitment to excellence in the trade. Thanks again, Nathan

    Mr. Edmonson,

    You may recall conducting a house inspection in Dayton back in July or August of this year. I wanted to take the time to tell you how the story ended! We are currently the owners of the property, and happily settled in for our first Christmas season.

    Vicki, our buying agent, told me that you continue to take some flack for being too picky. I prefer to call it being thorough and, (ignoring the obvious point that that is what you are being paid for), wish to thank you for your professional inspection and write-up. I have to say that it hit us between the eyes and made us look at the house with a much more critical take. We loved the house and had been somewhat blinded to some flaws and faults that were present. This is a home from the 1960’s and what house from that era doesn’t have some issues? Your diligence forced us to look at the home in a more complete and realistic way. And, most crucially, it enabled us to confront the seller’s price and ultimately receive a considerable discount and allowance that I would have otherwise not have had the justification or fortitude to assert. We provided a full copy to the seller and nothing was disputed. The seller’s agent told me he had never seen such a ‘thorough’ inspection. His word.

    Thanks so much for the in depth inspection, from top to bottom, cobwebs to crawl space!

    Feel free to use me as a reference if you choose.

    Merry Christmas,

    Nigel Chadwick


    You’re one very thorough fellow. Thank you for the way you consistently provide clear, complete reports on the properties you inspect. It’s the willingness to ask the questions and state the best practice with support that just holds my trust. That, and you are a man of good character – and that’s not too easy to find. But it shows.


    When our client was looking at the subject house, he asked me, “do you think there’s anything I should be aware of with this material?”, referring to the uncommon type construction. I told him with all confidence – ‘I don’t know, but I know that if there’s anything we need to be concerned with, Paul will most likely find it.’ I appreciate the way you bring your mind and your heart to work with you. I don’t care what the other Realtors® think or how much they gross. You’re still the only one on my list. I only hope I retire before you do. . . I won’t know what to do otherwise.


    So, just plain thanks for the work you do.

  • I'd much prefer to be Pauled than appalled!  Your work is simply on another level altogether.  Thank you for bringing your care and expertise to the field everyday.  You are good."  T.P. Chattanooga Realtor

  • Paul you inspected some rental property for me in 1996.  I am house shopping and am very glad to see you are still in business as other inspectors I have used are not. I was very pleased with your work.  Hope you are not planning an extended vacation.  M.D Chattanooga
  • Glad to know you still have the same number from 2002 so I can reach you to inspect another house for me.  N.W. Chattanooga
  • "Inspections with a attitude of honesty, a calm disposition and a genuine concern for integrity." C.M., Chattanooga
  • "We will recommend your services whenever possible." J.D., Chattanooga
  • "It is a pleasure to know you and do business with your company." S.P., Chattanooga
  • "You provide an excellent service.  The inspection gave us the peace of mind we were hoping for."  C.H., Chattanooga
  • "We were very pleased with your promptness and the detailed report."  J.B., Chattanooga
  • "The inspection was thorough, efficient and easy to understand." R.B., Chattanooga
  • "I very much appreciate your professionalism and clear explanations." A.P., Chattanooga
  • "The inspection was thorough, the results clearly presented.  I will recommend you to my clients."  K.M., Chattanooga
  • "Thanks for doing such a professional job."  D.R., Chattanooga
  • "Great, very thorough, amazed at all the items inspected."  B.M., Chattanooga