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Inspection Qualifications of Paul Edmonson, ACI

28 years of full time inspection experience


Education: BS University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Member of American Society of Home Inspectors #91440

Tennessee Home Inspectors License #121

 Certified Residential Thermographer

Continuing Education Courses ASHI


January 1992: Report Writing, Air Conditioning inspection, Diagnosing Moisture Problems in Structures, Warm Air Heating Systems Inspection, Structural Crack Inspection, Asbestos Inspection, Electrical Systems Inspection, Wood and Composition Roofing Inspection, Low Slope Roofing Inspection, Foundations and Drainage Inspection, Safety Devices Required by Code.


July 1992: Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Inspection, Asbestos and Where to Find It, Assessing Safety and Operation of Combustion Appliances, Expert Witness, When to call an Engineer, The Role of the Inspector, Plumbing Systems Inspection, Commercial Inspections, Clear Communications.


September 1992: Georgia Energy Code Inspection, Employee Relocation Council Inspection Methodology and Report Writing.


January 1993: Solar System Inspection, Overview of Electrical System Inspection, What it takes to perform an inspection to the ASHI Standards of Practice, Pool and Spa Inspections, Inspecting Steam and Hot Water Heating Systems, Foundation Trouble Shooting, Dealing with Contracts, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning, Roof Flashing and Underlayment Inspection, How to Inspect and Access Old and New Plumbing Systems, The Inns and Outs of Framing Defects.


January 1994: Construction Inspection, Structure Evaluations, Gas Heating Systems Inspections, Building Codes and Safety Issues, Single Ply Roofing, Plumbing System Inspections, Commercial Inspections, ABS Piping Failures, Pool and Spa Inspections, Wood Roofing Systems Inspection, Electrical Service Panel Inspection, Environmental Inspections, Insulation and Ventilation Inspection, Oil Burning Appliance Inspection.


August 1994: Log Home Inspection, Expert Witness, Inspection Report Writing, Framing Defects Inspection.


January 1995: Structure Inspection, Expert Witness/Testimony, Disaster Inspection, Exterior Inspection Methodology, Building a Safe House, HUD Title 10, Relocation Inspections, Inspecting Roofing Systems, 203K Inspection Program, Plumbing Inspection, Carbon Monoxide and Where to find it, FEMA Damage Assessments, Inspecting Electrical Systems, Inspecting Wood Roofing Systems, Realtor Relationships, Heating System Inspection, Cooling System Inspection, Moisture in Buildings, Effective Communications, Inspecting Interiors, Radon Testing, Seismic/Wind Construction Inspection, Insulation and Ventilation Inspection Methodology, Septic Systems, Polybutylene Piping Systems, Insurance Inspections.


March 1995: You’re Report and the ASHI Standards of Practice, Foundations and when to call an Engineer, Business of the Home Inspection Business.


November 1995: Electrical Inspections-Receptacles to Panel Grounding, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Inspection, Dual Fuel Heating Systems Inspection.


January 1996: New Building Technology Inspection, Brick Failures, Electrical Inspections and Correct Grounding, Moisture in Buildings, Framing Failures in One and Two Family Dwellings, Carbon Monoxide in Buildings, Insect Damage to Buildings.



April 1997: Carbon Monoxide, Environmental Issues and Lead Paint, Exterior Siding Inspection, Basic Framing Inspection, Water Proofing Inspection, New Electrical Standards Inspection, Roofing and Related Product Inspection.






January 1998: Structure Inspection, Exterior Inspection, Roofing Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Heating Inspection, Fireplace and Chimney Inspection, Cooling System Inspection, Interior Inspection, Insulation/Ventilation Inspection, ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, Insects and Structural Damage, Building Problem Case Studies, Building Moisture Problems, Certification for Radon Testing, Causes, Effects and Cases of Bad Air indoors, Inspecting High Wind and Seismic Construction Fasteners, Commercial Roofing, Brickwork Failures, Commercial Heating, Commercial Site and Structural Inspections, Commercial Electrical Inspections, Commercial Elevators.


March 1999: High Efficiency Furnace Operations and Inspection, Concrete Masonry Construction Inspection, Roofing Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Environmental Inspection, Foundation Defects, APA Engineered Wood Products and Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, APA Plywood Inspections, Red Flags/Yellow Flags, Wood Deck Construction, Electrical Code Changes, Plumbing and Venting Procedures and Inspection.


October 1999: ASHI National Chapter Leadership Conference: Sessions Attended: Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors, National Home Inspector Examination, Defining home inspection and training curriculum.


April 2000: Fireplace Inspection, Structure Inspection, Hydronic Heating System Inspection, EIFS (Stucco) Inspection, Roof Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, Electrical Inspection, ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.


October 2000: ASHI National Chapter Leadership Conference: Sessions Attended: Media Training, Examination Board for Professional Home Inspectors, National Home Inspector Examination, Strategic Planning.


October 2001: ASHI National Chapter Leadership Conference: Sessions Attended: Partnerships to Promote Chapters, Legislation 101, Marketing.


March 2002: Heat Pump Inspection, Advanced Mold Course, Insulation, Carbon Monoxide, Roofing, Asbestos in Construction, Fireplace Inspections, Plumbing, Site and Foundation Problems, Electrical, New Construction, Report Writing.


October 2002: ASHI National Chapter Leadership Conference. Various sessions on Chapter Development, Leadership Development, Marketing.


October 2003 ASHI National Chapter Leadership Conference. Sessions attended included: Branding, Marketing, Legislation, Mentoring, Education, Chapter Development.


October 2004 ASHI National Chapter Leadership Conference. Sessions attended included: Marketing, Legislation, Chapter Development, Web site design, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing.


February 2005 Attic Ventilation, Structural Systems, Hardwood Flooring, Gas Furnace ventilation, installation and inspection techniques.


May 2006 Log Home Inspections


June 2006 Passed NHIE (National Home Inspectors Exam) as required by proposed Tennessee Licensing Act.


February 2007 Electrical One and Two Family Dwelling Electrical Systems


May 2007 Advanced Plumbing Parts 1 & 2

To check my most recent State Approved Continuing Education follow this link and enter my License #121



Additional Credentials: Author and Presenter of Educational Sessions to State Chapters of ASHI each year from 2001-2006. Session’s curriculum includes Foundation/Structural Defect Recognition, Framing Defect Recognition, Heating and Cooling System Defect Recognition, Roofing Defect Recognition, Electrical System Defect Recognition, Plumbing System Defect Recognition, Safety Concerns Recognition. Host for many visiting practicing inspectors and interested parties in the home inspection profession. Inspection/Construction defects trial witness in Hamilton and Bradley Counties in Tennessee and Walker County in Georgia. President of East Tennessee Chapter of ASHI multiple years. Secretary/Treasurer East Tennessee Chapter of ASHI 2000. Secretary/Treasurer of Mid South Chapter of ASHI 1996-1999. Founding member of East Tennessee Chapter of ASHI. Instrumental in writing and passing Home Inspector Licensing Act of 2005-06 for regulation of Home Inspectors in Tennessee. Appointed to the Home Inspectors Licensing Advisory Committee.